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The land of Ano Messinia in the Peloponnese is one of the areas that produce excellent quality olive oil.


Ploutos is a family-owned company that produces ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil.


Ploutos has evolved throughout its history, ending in nowadays by having modern farming tools & practices.

Modern Tools

Pluto has evolved throughout its history, culminating in modern farming practices and tools.

About us!

Ploutos from 1911!

Welcome to our family business "Ploutos". Our story begins in 1911 in Meropi Messinia when our grandfather, John Gyftakis, began to cultivate the first olive trees. The next generations continued to grow olive trees until the cultivation process shifted to new modern farming
practices. Today we provide you a high quality of extra virgin olive oil and we guarante that every products reaching to your family table will give you the taste, aroma and nutritional benefits of the Mediterranean diet.