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The land of mountainous area (Tsakona) in Kalamata, Messinia is known for its excellent quality olive oil and delicious and unique Kalamon olives.


Ploutos is a family business that produces virgin olive oil and Kalamon olives.


Ploutos has evolved throughout its history, ending in nowadays by having modern farming tools & practices.

Modern Tools

Pluto has evolved throughout its history, culminating in modern farming practices and tools.

About us!

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5.000 years ago, the god Plutos first walked in the land of Kalamas, scattering bliss and abundance of goods with the horn of Amalthea. Together with his mother, goddess Dimitra and goddess Irini, he brought wealth from the depths of the earth to the olive trees of the area, making them famous to this day.
Ploutos, a family business of Ioannis Gyftakis in Meropi that respects the wealth of the Messinian land by producing extra virgin olive oil and famous Kalamon olives using new modern agricultural methods and practices. Every drop of oil is a journey into the world of taste and quality. According to nutritional research, virgin olive oil and olives are an integral part of a healthy and nutritious Mediterranean diet with many benefits for the human body. Our company guarantees you the maximum quality!